Import and Export

Do a lot of work in seconds with Import and Export.

Import all UTM Links in one step (Simple Import)

Just paste all your links into text area and press "Import".

All links will be imported and detect utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_term, utm_content tags. Newly imported URLS will be on top of the links list for you to start using immediately.

Easy to read? Yeah!

Simple export (TXT file)

In cases when you need a list of all your project links, you can export it as a TXT file (supported in all popular text editors).

Text (TXT file) export has the same format as "Simple Import".
This means you can export all UTM links from one project and import as raw text into another project.

One, two, and all links are on your PC/Laptop/Phone :)

Extended export (CSV file)

When you need all data for custom manipulation with base links, utm_sources, utm_mediums, utm_campaigns, utm_terms, utm_contents tags you can use Export to CSV file format, which is supported with all popular spreadsheet editors:

  • — Microsoft Excel (Web, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)
  • — Google Sheets (Web, iOS, Android)
  • — LibreOffice Calc (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android)
Separated... structured... data...
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